ATM bombing foiled

Police pin suspects at a panel beat shop at the corner of Cowen Ntuli and Boncker street in Middelburg.

Three police vans along with armed response personnel descended on Oos Street on Sunday morning. Police responded swiftly to an anonymous tip-off about an alleged attempted ATM bombing in the area. Upon arrival, a gunfight ensued between the assailants and the 6 officers on the scene. Two of the assailants were shot. While the scene was being combed, CCTV Video footage was checked to locate the third suspect. Shortly afterwards, he was found hiding in an old vehicle in a yard. It is alleged that the commotion started on Sunday morning in Jane Furse, where an ATM was blown up. The Limpopo Police tactical response unit chased the group in the direction of Middelburg. The Middelburg Police joined the chase near Kanonkop as the villains tried to get away. The robbers lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a wall and palisade on the corner of Cowen Ntuli and Boncker Street. The assailants threw some of their loot, about 30 km outside town, on the Stoffberg Road. The police were currently in that area, where they were looking for the items, that were thrown out of the window. Well done to all members involved in this failed ATM robbery..

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