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lifestyle and weight management coach Thembi Mlambo.

Thembi helps locals lose weight and live healthier lives by hosting local fitness presentations to those that need it most in Mhluzi. The risk from smoking isn’t just limited to the smoker however. The serious effects of secondary smoking are now very well known. Smoking near your loved ones puts their health at risk also. Second-hand smoke is still as loaded with chemicals and toxins as it was when you inhaled it. Numerous health problems are directly caused by secondary smoking and children are in the highest risk group because their internal organs and immune systems are still developing. Children exposed to secondary smoke are far more vulnerable to asthma, sudden infant death syndrome (cot death), bronchitis, pneumonia, and ear infections amongst other things and now recently potential corona virus infection.  “If you love and respect your family do them a favour and don’t smoke anywhere near them. Go outside. Nothing gives you the right to affect their health. Better again why not quit smoking altogether and spend the money you save on a family holiday? Or a new car? Get the ultimate revenge on the tobacco companies by reducing their profits and living a healthier lifestyle,” said lifestyle and weight management coach Thembi Mlambo.

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