Remax employee threatened with scissors

A B.O.LO has been issued on the scissors attacker

Isaac Thomas was scared to an inch of his life shortly after he was threatened with a pair of scissors by a robber. The employee at Remax Properties, claims that himself and his manager went into the office to sort out some paperwork when this happened. The real estate company doesn’t usually work on Saturdays and it is alleged that the gate was not locked. His manager quickly popped out to the pharmacy when a man came looking for a ‘piece job’. Isaac turned him away but he returned a few minutes later armed with a pair of scissors. The man became violent and tried to stab Isaac, who managed to duck from the attacker. He allegedly demanded that Isaac place two laptops, an Ipad as well as some of his cash and documents, including his passport and driver’s license, into a bag. A case was opened at the Middelburg SAPS and photos of the suspect were circulated on security WhatsApp groups. No arrests have been made so far.

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