Residents take matters into their own hands

Cllr Naritha Naidu urges the community to support the petition

The shortage of Water in eMalahleni continues to be a huge problem in this municipality, despite the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). In 2013 the municipality violated the rights of the residents. In that it had failed/neglected to take reasonable steps to provide the residents with sufficient and clean water. Seven years later, at a time when an adequate supply of potable water, is necessary in every home, to fight the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the municipality is still unable to provide a reliable water supply to its residents. Over the past six months, hardly a day went by, where one part or another of this municipality has not been without water. More often than not, for days on end, even up to eight days in certain areas. The Democratic Alliance (DA) has therefore launched a petition calling on the parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation as well as the SAHRC to investigate the continued abuse of human rights by the municipality.

They must investigate the following:

• Why residential areas still do not have water supply for up to seven or eight consecutive days?

• Why are water leaks not repaired within a reasonable time? There are examples where it can take up to three months to repair a leak resulting in thousands of litres of potable water being wasted;

• Why water tankers are not dispatched to areas without water within a specified time? Currently they are only sent when requested by the ward councillor; and

• What are the reasons for insufficient communication from the municipality on the water outages and when the supply will be restored.

“The City of eMalahleni deserves better. We therefore urge every resident to sign the petition. Copies are available on all our social media platforms or from your DA ward councillor,” said Cllr Naritha Naidu.

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