Steve Tshwete restrictions during COVID-19 lockdown

In response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of 21 days National Lockdown and restrictions to combat the Covid-19 situation in the country.   Steve Tshwete Local Municipality has instituted the following restrictions with immediate effect:

 Tenders which are due for submission will be extended to 24 April 2020.

o Outstanding payments due to Service providers were finalized by Thursday 26 March 2020.

o Large gatherings are not allowed.

o People are prohibited to visit all Municipal parks.

o The one (1) hour allocation at cemeteries, must be adhered to. Time lapses at funerals increases risks. Preferably keep it immediate family members and friends.

 Wear medical masks and gloves in at home, in case a family member is coughing in order to prevent the spread of germs.

o Funeral Parlors must book burial sites for the bereaved families and pay via EFT to the following account details:

Account name:  Steve Tshwete Local Municipality

Bank:  ABSA Bank Middelburg

Account Number:  1040 000 077

Branch code:   630 397

Type of Account:  Cheque

Deposit Reference:  Municipal Account number: 94 001 98X

Ref:  171 002

For any enquiries, contact Ms Dalene Lambrechts on 082 442 7712.

o The family should cover the coffin to a point of closure in the grave. The Municipality will use the TLB machinery to close the grave completely.

People who are homeless and on the streets are provided with a shelter at Keestaaljaard Stadium and food will be provided by  registered Non Profit Organizations.

People who are homeless and on the streets are provided with a shelter at Keestaaljaard Stadium and food will be provided by registered Non Profit Organizations.

o Provincial hospitals and clinics will provide the community with screening service.

o The elderly and extremely sick people can be accompanied to hospitals and clinics.

o Botshabelo Cultural Village have been identified for quarantine purposes.

o Residents are encouraged to register on Prepaid24, an online service to safely purchase of electricity, pay municipal rates and taxes. In the meantime electricity can be purchased at the garages, pay accounts via EFT. 

o for electricity enquiries you can call Mr N. Gubevu on 073 813 1331.

o STLM urge the community to separate waste that is contaminated from normal waste. They will also notify the community when waste will be collected.

o Frequent updates will be communicated via the Municipal Website, Facebook page @officialstlm and local media.

o You are allowed to leave your home to seek medical care, buy food or collect a social grant. Your ID will be required as proof for your errands.

o SAPS will be patrolling the streets supported by South African National Defense Force.

o The community is urged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and all deployed government officials who will be monitoring the situation.

o Pharmacies, laboratories, banks, supermarkets, petrol stations and healthcare providers will operate normally.

o Only South African owned and managed Spaza shops and rural supermarkets will be allowed to operate. 

Essential services such as Water and Sanitation, Electrical Engineering, Emergency Services, Traffic Law Enforcement and Security, Waste Collection, ICT, Cemeteries, Fire Services, Communications and Call Centre will be rendered on a standby basis. The following contact details can be used for enquiries:

a. Water and Sanitation – 0603623310/0731022422

b. Electrical Engineering- 073 813 1331.

c. Emergency Services – 0823163361

d. Traffic Law Enforcement and Security- 0732006945

e. Waste Collection- 0824406180

f. ICT- 0832617329 /0822195536

g. Cemeteries-082 442 7712

h. Fire Services-0823163361

i. Communications-063 832 8316

j. Call centre – 076 100 5660

o All restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops will remain closed during this period.

o Members of the media and broadcasting services, who will serve as a vital communication between STLM and the public, will be allowed to work during this period. Proof to be provided.

o for gender-based violence and domestic violence, please contact the local Social Development Department on (013) 243 4089, SAPS toll-free number-10111 and Department of Health on 013 249 3700/10177.

o Roadblocks will be instituted on highways to avoid travelling from one Province to another and regions to regions. Further updates will be communicated on a continuous basis.

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