Thieves caught in the act

Pictured here is Herculaas Taljaard from the ‘Beveg Misaad Groep’ showing us the scene of the crime.

A member of the ‘Beveg Misaad Groep’ along with his neighbors fearlessly approached and apprehended  two alleged criminals stealing and vandalizing a house on Walter Sisulu street yesterday afternoon. These brave community members were finally fed up of watching criminals helping themselves to other people`s property. The two men were caught stripping and stealing window frames as well as roofing material form an old building. It is also alleged that the same criminals have been breaking into the houses near the old unoccupied building. Herculaas Taljaard from the ‘Beveg Misaad Groep’ said that the police were called to the scene and took the suspects into custody, but then later let them go because the owner of the property was not available to press charges so they could not do anything. The community of Middelburg is fed up with the level of crime in the area and to add insult to injury the police allegedly released the criminals who were caught in the act.

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