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It is imperative for parents to monitor the well being of their children in school as well. There are stories circulating in our town that a teacher has made unacceptable advances to senior girls in a class. Educators are supposed to be “parentis locis” – parents in school.

But it appears some uncouth teacher abuses such authority. Such incidents cannot and should not be swept under a carpet. Not even to spare the reputation of the institution nor the individual. Such acts border on criminality.

*As at Monday night there were 650 749 recorded Coronavirus cases in South Africa and the number is increasing, albeit at a slower rate than before. More than 15 500 South Africans have lost their lives.

There has been a significant decline in new cases recorded. However, Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize says there could be 12 million South Africans with detected or undetected Coronavirus cases. Vaccinologists believe that in densely populated areas infection rates could be as high as 40%. We in Middleburg are not “out of the woods” yet. There are more and more people wearing masks and using sanitisers in shopping centres and stores but the social distancing aspect is still a problem.

*What is happening within the portals of Cricket South Africa (CSA)? An organization that looked superficially sturdy is now creaking under the weight of controversy upon controversy. The latest crack is the announcement by Momentum that they will not renew their sponsorship after April 2020 although they will honour contractual obligations with women Proteas till 2023.

Momentum and CSA shouldered a healthy relationship for the last eight years but their head of sponsorships, Carel Bosman stated that Momentum “is not satisfied with current state of affairs at CSA regarding governance and other reputational issues.” This is a sad indictment on a body that once attracted respect from the global cricketing community. Snotty noses of politicians are the cause of the decline in SA cricket.

*Dodgy payouts have marred the payment process of Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS). The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is still grappling with verification of Identity documents of applicants. This has impacted on the payout of Coronavirus grants. The final deadline for March applications for March to May 2020 is September 25. TERS applications for June close on 15 October. TERS applications for July to 15 September close on 30 October. Something fishy has been going on in the TERS and UIF systems. R696 million was paid out to foreigners who did not contribute to the UIF Fund. A large number of children under the age of 15 received payouts.

Over R440,000 was paid out to accounts of dead people. Nearly R170,000 was paid to prisoners. More than R30 million was paid out to people with invalid Identity numbers. Over R140 million was paid out to “double dippers” – those who get state grants, including students and disability grant recipients.

*According to news reports the African National Congress’ (ANC) Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee will meet this weekend to decide whether or not to take action against Health MEC Bandile Masuku, his wife Loyiso Masuku as well as Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko.

This after the party’s provincial Integrity Commission reportedly made damning findings on the three over the procurement of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) scandal. Diko, Masuku and Masuku’s wife who is the Group Corporate and Shared Services Member of the Mayoral Committee in the City of Johannesburg were hauled before the commission following reports that the Gauteng Health Department had awarded Diko’s husband Chief Madzikane Thandisizwe Diko a multi-million-rand tender to provide PPEs.

*Formula One’s governing body is considering whether Lewis Hamilton broke any rules in wearing a T-shirt with “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” on it before and after Sunday’s Tuscan Grand Prix. Taylor, a 26-year-old Black woman, was killed by police officers who burst into her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, in March.

One police officer involved was fired by the city’s police department in June. Two other officers have been placed on administrative reassignment. No criminal charges have been filed against any of the three.

Hamilton has regularly worn a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt when taking a knee in an officially- sanctioned anti-racism protest before the start of races this season. Race stewards did not open any investigation into Hamilton’s actions at Italy’s Mugello circuit. It was not immediately obvious in any case what statute Hamilton might have broken.

The sporting code bars teams from using “political or religious” advertising but does not mention the drivers.

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