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*It is common knowledge that in commerce when America smiles the whole world grins. In business American concepts are pursued. Whether you agree or not is debatable. This week, for example, our town will go ballistic with shoppers jostling to purchase Black Friday “specials”. Stores will become a battle of baskets, boobs and bums as men women try to beat each other to a knocked down item. The situation will be exacerbated if a store has a bell ringing in some department. Black Friday is the biggest international sale that was started in the early 1900s in the United States of America. This globally recognised retail event takes place on the last Friday of November every year, as consumers around the world prepare for the holiday and gifting season. This retail event boasts the biggest discounts from popular retailers, both brick and mortar as well as online stores, across the globe. Cyber Monday, an extension of the Black Friday Sale, has also grown with popularity over the past few years as a day dedicated to sales from online retailers. Superbalist.com, South Africa’s no.1 online fashion destination, will not only be taking part in Cyber Monday but also in Black Friday. They will be offering the biggest discount on top international and favourite local brands, across 30 000 products. Their product assortment includes everything from must-have fashion, shoes, accessories to beauty, grooming, homeware, tech and sportswear. The downside of this shopping spree is that by the end of the month many will be broke! Essentials like rent, rates, water, electricity and food would be relegated to “can wait” lists. The impact on Christmas shopping would be huge. Money that should be set aside for school wear, school fees, and stationary would be reduced. Consumers are victims of mob psychology. We rush where crowds rush. We want to be seen to be shopping with loaded shopping trolleys and bags. Beware!

*Undoubtedly COVID – 19 really disrupted our lives. In fact, all over the world. It appears there is a puppeteer that is controlling all of us for some ulterior agenda. We sanitise like never before. We have become masked men and women. The World Health Organization (WHO) and immunization experts in the African Region have called on countries and health stakeholders to prioritize immunization services – which have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic – in order to protect children and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. COVID-19 has disrupted the delivery of essential health services, including routine immunization. This puts people at risk of vaccine-preventable diseases and threatens the gains made to date. As our health authorities prepare for a COVID-19 vaccine, the life-saving vaccines in stock on hand must reach those most in need.

*Sad to say most of the news circulating nowadays is so gloomy it paints a negative picture about all the goings-on in our country. But it is so gratifying to note that there is still oodles of goodwill among South Africans. A lady in Margate, Kwazulu Natal, had relocated from Gauteng and as she was rushing to fetch her children from school her car broke down in a petrol station. She panicked, as most mum do, and was fretting about the safety of her children. A petrol attendant noticed the anxiety of the mother and gave her the keys to his personal car to go and fetch her children. The woman is still in a state of unbelievable surprise. Apparently the bowser guy did not even ask the lady for her name! News of such humanity and excellent race relations must be spread far and wide, don’t you think? As South Africans we can become a family again. It’s some of our politicians who are poisoning our vision and keeping us apart for their own agenda.

*Rail transport within our country is so slow that goods have to be transported via roads. It is common knowledge that the gargantuan trucks and little or no proper maintenance are damaging our roads. Trucking companies are also employing cheap labour besides forcing drivers to reach destinations in the shortest possible time. The domino effect this has is costing our country huge amount of money. It’s a vicious circle that demands state intervention.

*Donald Trump is not blowing his trumpet any more. Thank God for that! How this buffoon headed the most powerful country in the world is only the US electorate can explain. But then again, Americans are brain washed so easily. How will Joe Biden’s victory impact on global politics is not a mystery. He will still have Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and many Arab leaders, India on his lap. And they all will have Israel pulling their strings.

*Arguably the most devastating puncher on world boxing history Mike Tyson says his record-breaking run to the top of world heavyweight boxing arrived too early in life when he was weighed down by “emotional vampires”. Tyson is making a return to boxing at the age of 54 in an exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr on Saturday. There has been intrigue over to what to expect and how the man who became the youngest heavyweight champion in history – aged 20 – will perform. Tyson appeared light-hearted in his threats to Jones and the likelihood of any serious fight breaking out between the pair is diminishing as the event draws nearer. The body sanctioning the exhibition has stated both fighters will wear 12oz gloves, the eight rounds will be two minutes in length rather than three and that the pair “shouldn’t be going for a knockout”. It would appear the event is in place to satisfy the curiosity of seeing Tyson in the ring against former four-weight world champion Jones, 51, rather than to offer a platform for either to chase future fights in the sport. It has provided scope for Tyson’s past to be revisited, including his world-title win in 1986, his imprisonment for rape six years later and the financial and drug problems that became well documented later in his life.

*New rules and new technology were supposed to reduce the number of controversial incidents in the Premier League, but players and managers appeared to be just as frustrated with refereeing decisions after a number of incidents on Saturday. Manchester City had a goal ruled out for handball in their defeat at Tottenham, Aston Villa saw a late penalty decision overturned via VAR in their loss to Brighton, while similar incidents cost West Brom at both ends of the pitch as they were beaten 1-0 at Manchester United. There have been too many law changes in football in recent years, leaving everyone to be unsure of where they stand. As for the hand-ball rules, it appears players will have to play with the hands chopped off!

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