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 *Devon Petersen has become the first African to win a PDC title, stunning Welshman Jonny Clayton 8-3 to win the 2020 German Darts Championship in Hildesheim. Clayton was ranked 19th in the PDC Order of Merit, 32 places above the South African going into the final. But 34-year-old Petersen stormed into a 4-1 lead and went on to triumph. Petersen beat Dutchman Danny Noppert 7- 4 in the semi-finals while Clayton saw off Mervyn King 7-3.

*Formula 1 drivers have been told they cannot wear clothing bearing any slogans or messages while doing official duties after Grand Prix. The move is a reaction to Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton wearing a T-shirt at the last race in Tuscany referencing the case of a woman killed by US police. The FIA said podium finishers “must remain attired only in their driving suits done up to the neck”. This must be the case throughout the podium ceremony and interviews. The requirements include a “medical face mask or team-branded face mask”. The move had been expected after talks between the FIA, Mercedes and Hamilton’s representatives before this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix. At Mugello, Hamilton wore a T-shirt saying: “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” at the official pre-race anti-racism demonstration and on the podium and during the post-race interviews. He had previously worn a Black Lives Matter T-shirt for the demonstration, but not after the race, while other drivers wore the FIA official “End Racism” T-shirts. The FIA looked into whether they should investigate Hamilton on the grounds of breaking any rules, but decided against it. Political messages have long been banned on the podium in F1. Hamilton said at the Russian Grand Prix: “I did something that has never really happened in F1 and obviously they will stop it from happening moving forward.”

*There is honesty still, in some people’s heart. A man who lost his wedding ring in the sea has been reunited with it after a mother and daughter turned detective to track him down. Matt Eastley lost the gold wedding band on Ventnor Beach on the Isle of Wight on 6 August but 11-year-old Priya Sahu found it in the sand a day later. Priya and her mother, Aswita, met up with Mr Eastley in a Southampton park to return it to him. Mr Eastley compared the ring to the “glass slipper in Cinderella”. He said he had been “splashing about” in the sea before he realised the ring had slipped off his finger. He left the Isle of Wight having asked a cafe owner on the beach to keep an eye out for it “more in hope than expectation” and had planned to replace it. The next day, Priya found the ring washed up and the mother-daughter team sought to track its owner down. Mrs Sahu, from Southampton, said: “We thought someone must be devastated about losing their wedding ring and Priya said it would be magical if we could actually find this person.” Through friends and friends of friends, they contacted the cafe owner, who then eventually put them in touch with Mr Eastley, who married his wife Lisa 15 years ago. Priya and Mrs Sahu celebrated the find and reunited Mr Eastley with his wedding ring in Watts Park on Sunday. Mr Eastley, from Paddock Wood in Kent, said: “[Losing the ring] was devastating. It is irreplaceable – that’s the only word I can think of. But it’s been wonderful. It’s life-affirming. It’s a really happy ending. It’s been a bit of a grim 2020 but [the find has] certainly put a smile on my face.”

*Over the last eleven years South Africa has exported more goods and services to China than any other country. According to Minister Pravin Gordhan the two countries are working on a new ten year strategic plan that will encompass higher education, skills transfer, health, digital economy, science and technology. 

*”Some 120 million rapid diagnostic tests for Coronavirus will be made available to low and middle-income countries at a maximum of $5 per unit, the World Health Organization (WHO),” said on Monday. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the manufacturers Abbott ABT.N and SD Biosensor had agreed with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “make 120 million of these new, highly portable and easy-to-use rapid COVID-19 diagnostic tests available over a period of six months”. He told a news conference in Geneva the tests were currently priced at a maximum of $5 each but were expected to become cheaper. “This will enable the expansion of testing, particularly in hard-to-reach areas that do not have laboratory facilities or enough trained health workers to carry out tests,” Tedros said. “This is a vital addition to the testing capacity and especially important in areas of high transmission.” However, with question marks over the integrity of Bill Gates one wonders if there is a hidden agenda to cull certain population groups.

*What was once rated one of the best airlines in the world is now in dire straits. Finalising the business rescue plan for South African Airways (SAA) has been postponed yet again. The airline has been a victim of poor management and receded into financial difficulties for over a decade despite the State’s intervention with millions injected to rescue SAA. R10, 4 billion is needed to save SAA. That kind of money requires a magic wand. In the interim all the airline’s operations have been suspended.

*Car sales slumped during the lockdown and export of locally assembled vehicles fell by 40%. Therefore the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) has proposed to Government to reduce tax on new cars from 42% of the new price to around 35% to 38%. They say this will boost sales of cars – something the car industry needs badly.

*Have you noticed the price of bread? This is a staple for the majority of South Africans. Why has our Government allowed this escalation? Where are the Consumer Protection Authorities? Is there anyone to speak for the already overburdened consumer?

*To add insult to injury bread manufacturers got into a slanging match about whether sealed bread is tamper proof or not. Bread Albany was ordered to remove the claim that its bread packaging is “tamper proof”. The Advertising Regulatory Board said so! The claim was challenged by Premier – the manufacturers of Blue Ribbon bread. It’s a crying shame that both these companies are more concerned about “window dressing” rather reducing the price of their bread so that bread can reach more homes!

*Several hundreds of women of different shapes and sizes held a fashion show at the foot of the Eiffel Tower to demand more diversity in fashion, and to encourage body positivity. For these women selling clothes is not on the agenda. Their goal is for everyone to feel represented and for everyone to accept themselves as they are. All women are beautiful – all shapes, all sizes and all ethnicities.

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