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The Fab Team heading the The Herald:

Zaheed Khan :  Editor in Chief

Judy Abrahamse:  Editor

Tasneem Cassim :  Accounts Manageress.

Dominique Vogel:  Admin Manageress and Advertising Consultant.

Elmarie Robus :  Advertising Consultant

Thabo Mkhenzi:  Senior Journalist

Amina Bhagalia:  Social Media Manageress


It is common knowledge that mass communication is underpinned by a simple message that projects its mission with clarity. The Middelburg Herald needed such a communication tool, to reach out and revolutionize the mind-set of the town. It is unafraid to expose lies and deception, and remain committed to free and democratic reporting. This led to the founding of The Herald in Middelburg 16 years ago and since then it has carved a niche for no-holds-barred reporting.

The Herald is owned by Zaheed Khan, a young man who ‘cut his teeth’ at the Ladysmith Herald before selling it to Tabloid Newspapers, after establishing himself as a newspaper man for 6 years in Ladysmith.

Change is often difficult to accept. This was no different especially in  Middelburg. Advertisers, the backbone of any newspaper, were unsure if their advertisements would yield the desired results.  We arrived to provide the advertiser with specific marketing skills, to launch new products, to define advertorials, creating a market niche for products and a gateway for sharing information.   Readers were unsure if The Herald was a mouthpiece for a specific political party or a particular ethnic group. But as time went on these challenges were successfully overcome.

The Herald speaks for and to the community. It is accepted as an ideal avenue to uplift the quality of life of all sectors of the community, especially those previously disadvantaged. Our readership of over 60 000 people consist of people from all race and age groups.

The Herald also serves the LSM market of 1 – 10.

The Advertisers see The Herald as an investment that pays handsome dividends. Incisive journalism has won the respect of the communities.

Our biggest advantage is that The Herald is distributed free of charge in and around Middelburg and covers the following areas:

Middelburg, Witbank, Pullenshope, Belfast, Arnot, Hendrina, Mhluzi.

We strive to make our tabloid a true conduit of our Municipality and it has also become an essential tool to communicate Municipal information to residents. We are determined to be here for generations to come.

Despite many thinking we will be a ‘Fly-by-night’ newspaper, sixteen years on and we are still growing stronger and stronger.

To our Advertisers

The Herald is an innovative newspaper committed to the principal of sound ethics as well as creating a culture of responding to the community at large.

The Herald enjoys an independent mind that is underpinned by it’s mission of informing and leading it’s readership.

The Herald is a FREE knock-and-drop tabloid, distributed weekly. It covers the above mentioned areas. 15 000 copies are printed weekly.

The quality of print is second to none and advertisers are guaranteed value for money. The rates are pure value for money. Proof reading ensures that all adverts are correct and as per specs of the advertiser at the time of print.

The Herald has a pleasant team of advertising representatives that is passionate about its work, knowing that advertisers are the back-bone of any media and actually pay our bills. Therefore all advertisers are treated with the respect they deserve.

Care is taken not to advocate pornography or any illicit business practices as part of the social responsibility that The Herald shoulders.

Regular checks are conducted to ensure that copies of The Herald are not ‘dumped’ by our distributors. This ensures that all advertisers, big and small, reach their target market.

Despite the downturn in the economy and opposition from other newspapers, The Herald has weathered the storm and has grown in stature. The philosophy of The Herald is that if advertisers thrive and grow, so will The Herald’s business.

Advertisers are the life blood of The Herald and should be treated ‘like royalty’!

Mission Statements

 . The nature and philosophy of The Herald is to be an appendage of the community.

 . The quality must match the service, customer relationships and employee relations.

.  It must sustain a professional corporate culture and image.

Extra info:

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