Ten arrested for tampering with infrastructure

Ten suspects between the ages of 16 and 39 were arrested for stolen Transnet goods.

Police reacted swiftly on information received from a source, that the metro rail line adjacent to the Middelburg, Schoembee gravel road were being damaged and removed.

On further investigation some of the suspects were arrested when found on the crime scene, busy removing parts of the metro railway track and slipper beams. The other suspects were arrested at different addresses in the Eluxolweni locality in Hofmeyer.   Ten suspects between the ages of 16 and 39 were arrested on the Transnet Act 18/2015 sec 3 sub-section (1) (0), Tampers with, damages or destroy essential infrastructure. One Nissan UD 80 truck with one hundred and sixty-six Metres of metro rail lines and eighty three slipper beams were confiscated. The estimated street value of the infrastructure material removed is about R130 000.00. The suspects are due to appear in the Tarkastad Magistrate Court soon.

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